THIS IS ME! (until I get my picture taken by a professional)

THIS IS ME! (until I get my picture taken by a professional)

Hi! I’m Katie.

Owner , Baker and Do-er of All Things at Katie’s, a small bakery in Bucks County, PA .

By keeping the bakery small I am able to keep it personal with my customers. Many customers feel close like family and I’ve enjoyed seeing you celebrate so many events and milestones over the years. I love making desserts to help mark those occasions. So, even as I hope to grow, I will always try to keep it personal.

I haven’t always been a baker but I’ve always been an artist and interested in science, which my parents strongly fostered for as long as I can remember.  With baking, I can easily combine my artistry, by decorating tasty recipes, with my need for a controlled system where I methodically test and repeat those recipes.

As an art student at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) I studied photography, psychology and interior design.  I ended up with a BFA in Interior Design but because of the nature of the school I was exposed to a lot of science and technology that has really helped shape me and my methods along the way.

After a short career in interior design, I wasn’t happy so I decided I needed something different. I wanted to remain in a creative field but work with my hands on a daily basis and not stay in a cubicle staring at a computer all day. The pastry program at The French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Center) in New York City gave me that opportunity, was a great match, and I’ve been baking ever since.

One of my first jobs out of pastry school was at a small bakery in Montclair, NJ where I learned all about decorating cookies and also learned how a small business can become a family.  When that home away from home had to close the doors for the final time because of the recession I ended up jumping around to many other kitchens, including factory-like settings, grocery stores, restaurants and even smaller bakeries but nothing quite fit.  I decided to try it on my own, which I knew would be difficult but I eventually would have my own bakery. My goal is to model the family-feel I had at that first little bakery that took me in right out of pastry school. I’m not there yet - still just a one woman show - but I’ll get there someday!

Creating your own business is a challenge. I started with sharing and sometimes selling to family and friends from my tiny apartment kitchen and soon moved up to renting out shared space in a commissary kitchen in North Jersey. I was also lucky enough to have those same family and friends help me network locally and create loyal relationships with several small event planners in the area.  

I also created a comfortable business on Etsy selling decorated cookies and successfully shipping them throughout the United States. Continuing with decorated cookies was a natural path for me in the baking world because my art background gave me a great foundation and I’ve only gotten better over time.

When I moved back to Bucks County - I went to high school at Council Rock - I was able to maintain the Etsy business but had to slowly build a network of local customers. I had a Kickstarter to help get the kitchen in Warminster built (Thank you again to everyone!)  and it’s been a roller coaster ever since. It can certainly be difficult to balance everything, as every business owner knows (large , small or solo) but I keep striving because I love what I do. I really enjoy creating elaborate cakes and cookies, as well as simple, tasty recipes that make your mouth water. Without awesome customers, I couldn’t do any of it. 😊

Thank you, to everyone, who has helped me make it this far.

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